By Jennah Eternal



    Think about this... we live in a time and place where paper is assigned monetary value and we aspire to obtain it, even far beyond our need for it. We work tirelessly sometimes doing things we hate, while neglecting our bodies and also the sweetness of time with family and community. Most spend 40+ hours weekly doing work that’s not in agreement with who they are or how they’d like to feel. I feel as though a common misconception and theme of "adulting" is submitting yourself  to unfulfilling work, but if you're going to surrender to anything at least let it be something that is bringing you joy and mutual gain. I believe making a choice like that takes undoubted knowing that YOU EXIST for a greater cause than busy work.

    We are encouraged and basically cornered into falling in line with the current paradigm of maximum effort to accumulate minimal means for survival. In a perfect world,  I’d much rather work and live in the flow of human currency and reciprocative care, so pretty much the innate and purest expression of humanity. I take care of myself, I tend to my gifts, my gifts are in turn offerings to my community. Of course, this means the absence of a class system, which is not very American at all. In a perfect world, everyone is tending to their individual niche, we all live in abundance and natural harmony. To grow fruits in your garden and offer them to your neighbor in exchange for herbs. To bake a golden loaf of rosemary bread for a friend and offer them in exchange for spiritual fine tuning. To share gifts and to also be gifted. A beautiful thought that may be too wholesome for the current ways of the world, but how do we find a middle ground? How do we use work and making money and not allow it to use us? 

    I propose we keep one foot in and one foot out. We acknowledge money and the need for it as what it is, and we are intentional about the work we do to acquire it. We acknowledge just how extraordinary our existence is and refuse to limit it solely to the act of making money. We live in flow with money, we do not cling to it. We make it and spend it, while living in between the oscillations. We prioritize caring for ourselves knowing that if we work ourselves to exhaustion we’ll be too feeble to enjoy the “reward” of money. We put living at the forefront and understand that the more we explore the abundance of our actual essence the more abundance we experience in the physical. So while you’re doing work in the outside world be sure to also be doing the work on the inside self. “But I’m overwhelmed and too tired from the outside work, I don’t have the energy to do the inside work”...You will always be drained by outside work if you never touch the inner work. The inner work is your invitation to rest, it’s the bed of clean sheets, blankets, and plush pillows after a strenuous day. It's calm in the face of chaos and suffering. The inner work is the true source of revenue. Once you make yourself aware and fine-tune yourself in accordance with this inner work, nothing you’ll ever do will be done without the presence of this self care. It will all, outside work included, be done with self care. Your existing in this way, in this abundance, will make room for the opportunities that are looking for you. It’ll open your eyes and mind to ways to make money in the outside world, while staying in the fullness of your inside work. Keeping one foot in and one foot out, realizing what the ways of the world are, who you are, existing in the fullness of what you are, doing the inner work, and that inviting more outside work that is in agreement with that inside work, so you can take both feet TF out!

    With Love,


    Songs of inspiration: For the love of money x The O’jays, Everywhere x Chloe & Halle, Alright x Ledisi

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    Why am I planning to relocate overseas?

    We do the things that make us feel safe and accepted. We pour ourselves into the molds of what has been done before because it has been proven to work and produce familiar shapes. We do what we believe will yield a comfortable life, but what if always doing what's comfortable leads to complete dissatisfaction? I’ve never had much interest in staying in one place forever, or doing what others are doing, and now more than ever I feel free enough to follow my gut. I’m choosing to relocate overseas for a period of time with the help of my expat teacher and mentor @Ambercedwards. I don’t know how long I’ll be a digital nomad, but I’m giving myself the time and grace to follow what my spirit incites me to do. I’m relocating to decondition, to detach from the current societal pressures and realign with something more contributory to the person I am born to be. I’m choosing places that invite ease and Earthing. This is not to say wherever I go will be a complete utopia and not have societal pressures of its own, but I'll be able to experience thus learning, adopting, and eliminating what does not resonate. I’ll be able to decipher what invites health and joy versus stress and stagnation.

    I’ve recently come across Human Design on a 4am deep dive on youtube, and I was fascinated at how accurate it was for me. For those who are unfamiliar with human design, it is a holistic system and experiment that is intended to help you live better! (To put it simply). My HD chart, which is derived from my natal chart, confirmed what I had already been experiencing my whole life. I am a multi-passionate creator who will ONLY do and touch things that illuminate my life experience. Being a manifesting generator, I have this devotion to living abstractly, to show others that there are other ways to exist, to live a life you love, to live for a living! I’ve always known this about myself, and this process of relocating will provide me with the opportunity to completely detach and reset on my own accord. It’ll provide me with the quiet time to really explore the outside world as well as my inside oneness.

     I’ll still be running my business and selling my products with the help of loved ones back home, shoutout to them and the internet! I’m in the season of refocusing and leading a less congested life, in spaces where being a natural being isn’t an abstract concept. I’m allowing myself to shed the things that no longer serve me *Plays Erykah Badu ‘Bag Lady’*. I’ve outgrown where I currently am and I have an incredible amount of gratitude for my current self and all of my past selves who did the best they knew how. My present self is telling me that full immersion in a new environment is necessary. I’ve been the only person in my way and I’m making the choice to take the reins away from fear. I haven’t decided how much of my journey I'll share, but I'll play it by ear and intuition!

    With Love,


    Songs of inspiration: Fly x Akua Naru, Zoom x The Commodores, Shine x Buddy, Guarding the Gates x Lauryn Hill

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    I started practicing yoga when I was 18, I’m embracing 23 now. It served as a way to get back into my body, a body that I oftentimes feel disconnected from. My mind tends to drift beyond the parameters of my vessel and so a grounding practice was necessary for me to truly embrace my physical form. I’m not going to lie, I used to think of yoga more as a work-out as opposed to a work-in. I associated yoga with difficult postures and a community of people that didn’t look as sun kissed as me. I had to unlearn that perception of the practice, I had to let go of 'influencer yoga' that was becoming a matrix in itself. I didn’t work to get out of one matrix only to jump into another box. There are 8 limbs/parts to yoga: restraints, duties, physical postures, breath, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and bliss/enlightenment (I’ll write another blog zooming into the limbs). All in all, postures are only ⅛ of what yoga is, and I want to share yoga in its entirety. I’m still learning to practice the physical and mental branches of yoga myself, but I also feel called to share the knowledge I have accumulated along the way. YOGA AT MY PLACE began in May 2020, it actually was the result of me trying to find a last minute location to host the 1 year anniversary of my business! The original plan was to have a yoga session in the park, but due to covid regulations and miscommunications with parks and recreation, I had two days to find a new location (sometimes what you’ve been looking for is something you already have). I decided to make the event an even more intimate experience and host it in the front yard of my home and it exceeded my expectations. It was all in ALIGNMENT. I now invite friends and family to my home to heal collectively! If you ever feel called to join please follow that urge, you’re more than welcome! I post the flyers for my yoga sessions on my instagram page @Jennaheternal, I’d love to connect soon.

    Much Love,


    Jennah Eternal


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    Life is a series of experiences and to my understanding those experiences mold us into the people that we are. I can go as far as to say, those experiences shape our personalities. What if someone has less than loving and comforting experiences? What happens then? Do they take the shape of those experiences and project that back onto the world? Are they now perceived as a cold hearted, quickly angered, individual after mirroring those experiences? More often than not, that is the case. From day one on the earth side, you’re already bombarded with stimuli that will soon determine who you are. You’re born into a  family with specific beliefs, who live in a particular city, in a certain state, in a country, and so on..When do we ever get the chance to define what we are? In my case, it was when I clearly identified what I was not! The things that brought me anxiety, I had to dissect them. The experiences that left me feeling less than powerful, I had to dismantle them. I had to question every aspect of life as I knew it, and I had to be brave enough to redefine my life in the ways that feel most fulfilling, even if that means being misunderstood. I started tuning into every aspect of my being. What foods were making me feel fatigued? What crowds and people were making me feel uneasy? What were the factors hindering my confidence? My  journey to self began with me being so incredibly uncomfortable with the self that my experiences had created.

    I understand that it's easy to stay in your small self, maybe you just stop caring and become numb to life. You get a job, you get a partner, a home, you pay bills, you work for 40 years, you retire, and you stay in that small underdeveloped life until you pass on. I understand that it is easy to numb yourself and to follow the majority, I also overstand that you and I are larger than that dwarfed life, and the box that society tries to place us all in. So I’ve decided to be more, to be the fullest and most abstract being that I can be, to live and to love on my own terms, to self define my life, to redefine my entire SELF. To stand so firmly in my power that it encourages others to dig deeper, to live deeper.

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