November 14, 2021


By Jennah Muhammad

Why am I planning to relocate overseas?

We do the things that make us feel safe and accepted. We pour ourselves into the molds of what has been done before because it has been proven to work and produce familiar shapes. We do what we believe will yield a comfortable life, but what if always doing what's comfortable leads to complete dissatisfaction? I’ve never had much interest in staying in one place forever, or doing what others are doing, and now more than ever I feel free enough to follow my gut. I’m choosing to relocate overseas for a period of time with the help of my expat teacher and mentor @Ambercedwards. I don’t know how long I’ll be a digital nomad, but I’m giving myself the time and grace to follow what my spirit incites me to do. I’m relocating to decondition, to detach from the current societal pressures and realign with something more contributory to the person I am born to be. I’m choosing places that invite ease and Earthing. This is not to say wherever I go will be a complete utopia and not have societal pressures of its own, but I'll be able to experience thus learning, adopting, and eliminating what does not resonate. I’ll be able to decipher what invites health and joy versus stress and stagnation.

I’ve recently come across Human Design on a 4am deep dive on youtube, and I was fascinated at how accurate it was for me. For those who are unfamiliar with human design, it is a holistic system and experiment that is intended to help you live better! (To put it simply). My HD chart, which is derived from my natal chart, confirmed what I had already been experiencing my whole life. I am a multi-passionate creator who will ONLY do and touch things that illuminate my life experience. Being a manifesting generator, I have this devotion to living abstractly, to show others that there are other ways to exist, to live a life you love, to live for a living! I’ve always known this about myself, and this process of relocating will provide me with the opportunity to completely detach and reset on my own accord. It’ll provide me with the quiet time to really explore the outside world as well as my inside oneness.

 I’ll still be running my business and selling my products with the help of loved ones back home, shoutout to them and the internet! I’m in the season of refocusing and leading a less congested life, in spaces where being a natural being isn’t an abstract concept. I’m allowing myself to shed the things that no longer serve me *Plays Erykah Badu ‘Bag Lady’*. I’ve outgrown where I currently am and I have an incredible amount of gratitude for my current self and all of my past selves who did the best they knew how. My present self is telling me that full immersion in a new environment is necessary. I’ve been the only person in my way and I’m making the choice to take the reins away from fear. I haven’t decided how much of my journey I'll share, but I'll play it by ear and intuition!

With Love,


Songs of inspiration: Fly x Akua Naru, Zoom x The Commodores, Shine x Buddy, Guarding the Gates x Lauryn Hill