Love in the mind.

I am fearless in my exploration. I am jumping into the deep end. The deepest truths. the deepest experiences. The deepest Unknowns.

Living with a pristine core.

I know apart of my duty while on my Earth mission is to take care of my physical body so that I have the vitality to carry out what I've been called to do.

Eternal Om.

Restoring balance in the body

Eternal Om

Eternal Om focuses on using yoga philosophy to reconnect with your inner wisdom and restore your lineage. Arriving at the root of the suffering, the darkness, and making the conscious decision to alchemize it. Knowing where you’ve been, and what your lineage has faced, but understanding that you cannot stay there. It takes a massive amount of strength to restore yourself, to use discomfort as a tool to sharpen your desire and mend generations. Regardless of how difficult this may seem, it is a strength that you possess. Your existence alone is proof of the power pumping through your bloodline.

It had to be you,

Jennah Eternal

Eternal Om
Los Angeles, Ca

Eternal Om is a Sanctuary for Yogic Science