October 19, 2021


By Jennah Muhammad

I started practicing yoga when I was 18, I’m embracing 23 now. It served as a way to get back into my body, a body that I oftentimes feel disconnected from. My mind tends to drift beyond the parameters of my vessel and so a grounding practice was necessary for me to truly embrace my physical form. I’m not going to lie, I used to think of yoga more as a work-out as opposed to a work-in. I associated yoga with difficult postures and a community of people that didn’t look as sun kissed as me. I had to unlearn that perception of the practice, I had to let go of 'influencer yoga' that was becoming a matrix in itself. I didn’t work to get out of one matrix only to jump into another box. There are 8 limbs/parts to yoga: restraints, duties, physical postures, breath, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and bliss/enlightenment (I’ll write another blog zooming into the limbs). All in all, postures are only ⅛ of what yoga is, and I want to share yoga in its entirety. I’m still learning to practice the physical and mental branches of yoga myself, but I also feel called to share the knowledge I have accumulated along the way. YOGA AT MY PLACE began in May 2020, it actually was the result of me trying to find a last minute location to host the 1 year anniversary of my business! The original plan was to have a yoga session in the park, but due to covid regulations and miscommunications with parks and recreation, I had two days to find a new location (sometimes what you’ve been looking for is something you already have). I decided to make the event an even more intimate experience and host it in the front yard of my home and it exceeded my expectations. It was all in ALIGNMENT. I now invite friends and family to my home to heal collectively! If you ever feel called to join please follow that urge, you’re more than welcome! I post the flyers for my yoga sessions on my instagram page @Jennaheternal, I’d love to connect soon.

Much Love,


Jennah Eternal